Best Aquarium Fish

Best Aquarium Fish 1. Betta Fish This fish is also called as fighter fish. Betta fish is very aggressive that’s why it is placed in separately. Bettas can live in small aquarium too.  It is usually grow up to 6.5 cm. This is the one of the best aquarium fish. In reproduction process, pair of betta fish spawning under a bubble next in a breeder’s tank. One day old larvae… Read Article →

Arowana fish types,breeding and diet

Arowana fish Arowana is a long sleek streamlined fish of great beauty with a unique character. Arowana is large and often aggressive with the potential of rapid growth. Many believe that arowanas bring good luck and fortune. It is freshwater fish. There are ten different species originating from different parts of the world. Arowana is usually vibrantly colored and comes in shades of red, gold, silver and black. In this… Read Article →

Air Pollution, causes and effects

Air Pollution This is very important part of life. It is important to take breath. Without air no living things cannot survive on earth. Air pollution is harmful for health of humans and other living things of the earth. It creates smog which causes cancer and respiratory diseases. It reduces ozone layer atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Causes- Air pollution is caused when the air in the atmosphere is… Read Article →

Information about soil, pollution and effects

Introduction- Soils are complex mixtures of minerals, air and organic matter. It forms at surface of land. Soil is capable of supporting plant life and is vital to life on earth. Soils serve as media for growth of all kinds of plants. This modify the atmosphere by emitting and absorbing gases and dust. It absorbs, hold, release, alter and purify most of the water in terrestrial systems. Soils acts as… Read Article →

Water pollution ,causes & effects

Introduction Earth is called as blue planet because 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. The bottled water that is consumed today might possibly be the same water that once trickled down the back of a wooly mammoth. The earth is closed system, means that very little matter including water, ever leaves or enter the atmosphere. The earth has an abundance of water, but unfortunately only a… Read Article →

Aquatic Mammal information

Aquatic mammals that have secondarily taken to water. These are stray reports about sightings of unidentified whales. However occasional cases of whales being cast up on the coasts. Aquatic mammals are a diverse group of mammals that dwell partly or entirely in bodies of water. The level of dependence on aquatic life are vasly different among species with the river dolphins being completely aquatic and fully dependent on aquatic ecosystems…. Read Article →


Information about Bird- Birds are vertebrate animals. They are adopted for flight. Birds are found worldwide and in all habitats. Many birds can run, jump and swim. Penguins have lost the ability to fly but retained their wings. Everything about the anatomy of birds reflects its ability to fly. The bones and muscles of the wings are also highly specialized. The main bone the humorous which is similar to the… Read Article →

Reptile Information

Reptile Reptile Skin covered in scales or scutes. Most young hatch from eggs. Reptiles species can be found in all types of habitats except polar ice & tundra. Reptiles are vertebrates, they have scaly skin that keeps their bodies from drying out and their young do not go through a larva stage like amphibians but instead look like small versions of the adults when they emerge. Reptiles are ectotherms, so… Read Article →



Animals Description- Mammals are among the most adoptable animals on the planet. They are found on every continent and in every ocean, and range in size from tiny bumblebee bats to enormous blue whales. One reason for their success is the way they move. Terrestrial species walk, run, jump, climb, hog, swing. Aquatic ones swim, shuffle and dive. A few even fly. Mammal bones essentially skulls are used for identification… Read Article →

Information about Plants

Description of Grass- It is a type of plant. A grass is used to cover the ground in lawn and other places. Usually herbaceous plants with narrow leaves growing from the base. True grasses include cereals, bamboo and the grasses of lawns. Use of graminoids include food, drink, fuel, clothing, insulation, construction and many others. Many grasses are short in height but some grasses like bamboo can grow very tall…. Read Article →