Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Natural resources-

Natural resources are the things we get from the earth or nature. Natural Resources can either be renewable or non-renewable. Natural resources are important part of human life. It gives everything which helpful. Some resources have limitations with there sources and some are unlimited. Renewable resources and Non-Renewable resources are two types of Natural resources.

1. Renewable Resources

Renewable resources can be replaced and replenished in our lifetime.


Sun, Wind, Water, Soil, Plants


● Sustainable

● Requires little maintainance

● Produce little waste


● Difficult to produce large quantities

● Reliability of supply is often dependent on weather.

2. Non-Renewable Resources

Non-Renewable resources cannot be replaced in our lifetime. They do not renew quickly.


Coal, Oil, Diamond, Fossil fuels


● supplies are abundant so cost is low

● can provide more energy


● produce more waste

● not sustainable

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