Types of Non-Living Things

Types of Non-Living Things

There is some types on non living things are as follows.


Water is one of the important of nature which occupies 71% on the earth. All the natural living things are depend on the water. Some living aquatic animals lives in water. There is some source of water viz. ocean, sea, lake, river etc.

  1. Natural mineral water (33%)
  2. Spring water (40%)
  3. Prepared water (27%)


Soil occupies 29% on the earth. Some living things like plants, trees are grow in soil.

  1. Silt soil
  2. Sand Soil
  3. Clay Soil
  4. Peaty Soil
  5. Saline Soil


Air is most important part like water. Without air living things cannot survive. Oxygen is important for living things.

  1. Maritime Tropical
  2. Maritime Polar
  3. Continental Tropical
  4. Continental Polar


Sun is the source of the light. It is an natural source of light.

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