Information about Medicinal Plants

Information about Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants-

Medicinal plants is one of the important type of plants. Plants are also useful in medicinal uses. The technique which is formed by the natural resources like plants called as ayurvedic technique. Its safe technique and uses from millions years ago. Ayurvedic medicines are made by plants or other natural resources. There is a lot of plants which have medicinal properties, these plants are useful medicinal uses.

Aloe Vera-


Aloe Vera have some medicinal properties. It is short in height but its spreaded on the ground. It have small spines on leaves on both corners. The leaves are long in size. The leaves color is green. The height of this plant is around 100 cm. It is mostly available in Asian and African countries. It is cultivated for medicinal and agricultural uses. The flowers is produced in summer on spike up to 80 cm tall. Each flower being pendulous with yellow tubular corolla. Outer part is thick but inner part is jelly like.

  • Used to decrease hair fall.
  • also used with honey to relief from cough.
  • Used on face to prevent pimples.
  • Aloe Vera used in medicinal industries.

Tulsi- (holy basil)-


It is an Favourite thing of god vitthal. It is useful for all type of fever and cough. It is one of the most important medicinal plant in ayurveda. Basil plant is 3-4 feet tall. Leaves color is greenish mostly. It is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses.

  • It is used to prevent cough. It is used with honey.
  • It is also used with tea to prevent fever.
  • Used for ear pain.

Adulasa(Justicia Adhatoda)-


Adulasa plant is 7-8 feet tall. It is cultivated for medicinal uses. It is specialize to give relief from cough. The leaves are long. Leave size is around 6-7 inches. Leaves color is green. It is cultivated for medicinal and agricultural purpose.

  • Adulasa used to prevent cough. It is used with honey.
  • It is used in medicinal factories to make cough syrups.

Durva(Scutch grass)-


It is like a grass. Height is around 4-5 inches. It is spreaded on ground in weird area. Leaves color is green. Roots are also very thin in size. It is cultivated for medicinal and agricultural purpose.

  • Used in mixture with rice to stop headache
  • To prevent acidity.
  • It also prevent body pain.

Parijat(Nyctanthes arbor tristis)-


It is tall plant. Height is around 10 meters. Leaves are rough. Leaves size is around 3-4 inches. It also gives flowers. Flower smell is awesome. Flower color is white. It is cultivated for medicinal and agricultural plants.

  • Leaves are useful on Malaria, Typhoid fever.
  • Also gives energy and create heat in body to fight germs.
  • It is also useful in cold seasons.

Pudina(Mentha Arvensis)-


Pudina Plants is small in size. but spreaded on ground. Stem color is red. Leaves size is similar to Tulsi leaves. Some are circular and small in size. It contains A vitamins in large scale. It also contain Thymol. It cultivated for medicinal and agricultural plants.

  • It gives relief from cough and fever.
  • Useful to prevent Cholera.
  • used to stop omitting.
  • Used with mixture of pudina and tulsi prevents the fever.

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