Types of Plants

Types of Plants


Tall plants are known as trees. Deciduous trees are the trees which shed their leaves. Here are some types of flowering and non-flowering plants.

Flowering plants- Cherry, Apple, Almond etc

Non-flowering Plants- Cycus, zamia, spruce etc

Vegetable plants-

Vegetables gardens yield vegetables and fruits bearing trees provided fruits. Including lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet helps improve your health.


Grass is the main food of herbivorous animals. Human sometimes eat herbivorous animals. Grass also exhibit medicinal properties.

Flowering Plants and Non- flowering plants-

Flowering plants are the most sought after plants. Flowering plants are used for decorations. They enhance the beauty of gardens. Also used for good smell.

Non- flowering plants widely cultivated as decorative plants.

Shrub and bushes-

Shrub and bushes enhance the beauty of home gardens or public places. Many Shrub are covered with Flowers.


Herbs and herbal teas are well known for medicinal effects. Three types in the herbs are as follows.

  • Annual- Aloe Vera, Basil
  • Biennial- Dill, Mustard, Coriander
  • Perennial- Ginger root, Sage, Spearmint, Thyme

Carnivorous Plants-

These plants obtain nutrients from animal matter. Venus fly trap and pitcher plants are examples of carnivorous plants.

Strangler Plants-

Strangler plants start growing on other tall plants. They get moisture and nutrients from the air. Their roots grow quickly. The host tree is dies, that is why these plants also called as killer plants. Birds and animals eat fruits and transport seeds of these plants.

Medicinal Plants-

Plants help to avoid soil erosion and provide pure oxygen that we breathe. Human as well as animal life is dependent on different types of plants. Drugs for so many diseases like cancer, diabetes, cough, etc. are discovered.



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