• Reptile Skin covered in scales or scutes.
  • Most young hatch from eggs.
  • Reptiles species can be found in all types of habitats except polar ice & tundra.

Reptiles are vertebrates, they have scaly skin that keeps their bodies from drying out and their young do not go through a larva stage like amphibians but instead look like small versions of the adults when they emerge. Reptiles are ectotherms, so they must bask in the sun or find warm spot to get warm and become active and they must find shade or cool spot to cool off. In cold conditions they become sluggish and don’t move a round much and some enter a state of hibernation if it will be cold for a long time.

Reptile groups-

There are four main groups of reptiles. The only species left from an ancient group of reptiles that goes back to dinosaurs. Some reptiles spend most of their time in water and many spend their time on land. Reptile species can be found in all types of habitats except polar ice and tundra.

Reptiles records-

The heaviest reptile is the salt water crocodile, weighing upto 1000 kg. The longest snake is python upto 33 feet long. Tortoises have the longest life span in the reptile order; some can live more than 150 years.

Most reptiles make nests or dig holes to lay their eggs in, although some snakes and lizards give live birth. Some crocodiles and snakes stay to guard the next after laying their eggs and even help the child get started life. The child are independent from start and must find their own food and shelter. Reptiles are born on land and are born with strong instincts, so they are on their own at birth. Unlike birds and mammals reptiles do not maintain a constant internal body temperature without fur or feathers for insulation, they cannot stay warm on a cold day and without sweat glands or the ability to pant, they cannot cool off on the hot one. They move into the sun or into the shade as needed. During cooler pants of the year they become inactive. Because reptiles are cold – blooded. Reptiles reproduction also depends on temperature.

Reptiles in culture-

The snake or serpent has played a powerful symbolic role in different cultures. The turtle has a prominent position as a symbol of steadfastness and tranquility in religion, mythology from around the world snake bite can be treated with anti – venom mode from the venom of the snake. To produce antivenom a mixture of the venoms of different species of snake in injected into the body of a horse ever – increasing dosages until the horse immunized. Crocodile meat is also considered a delicacy. Farming has resulted in an increase in the saltwater crocodile population as eggs are usually harvested from the wild. So the landowners have an incentive to conserve their habitat.


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