Information of Insects

Information of Insects


Insects typically have wings and are the only flying invertebrates. The body of the typical adult insect is divided into three distinct parts. The head, thorax and abdomen. The head bears three pairs of mouth parts. one pair of compound eyes, three simple eyes and one pair of jointed sensory antennae. The thorax is divided into three segments, each with a paper of jointed legs and bears two pairs of wings. The abdomen has posterior appendages associated with reproduction. The exoskeleton is composed of a horny substance called chitin. Insects breathe through a complex network of air tubes that open to the outside through a series of small valved apertures along the sides of the body. In chewing insects the digestive system includes a muscular gizzard that is lacing in sucking insects. 


The simple circulatory system is composed of a tubular heart that pumps blood forward into the head, from which it diffuses through the tissues and back into the heart. There are about 900000 known insect species, three times as many as all other animal species together and thousands of new ones are described each year.

There are mainly five types of species of insects.

  1. Beetles
  2. Butterflies
  3. Ants, bees
  4. True flies
  5. Bugs


All insects can reproduce sexually. Most insects hatch as larva and undergo several metamorphoses. This involves the formation and fusion of gametes sperm from the testes and eggs from the ovaries. There are some species of insects that can also reproduce asexually.

Speciality of insects

Lacewings are beautiful creatures are a blessing for your flower garden, mainly because they feed on aphids, moth eggs, caterpillars and thrips. Similar to lacewings, the larvae of the hover flies feed on aphids that like to live in tight, hard to reach places. The small wasps are known to attack the eggs of all sorts of pests and are perhaps one of the best insects to provide an efficient pest garden control. The dragonflies are not only useful to have in the garden, but are also useful in keeping the mosquito population under control. The honeybees are doing such a great job. They collect honey from flower.

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