How to take care of Zebra fish

Zebra Fish

Introduction about ZebraFish

Zebra fish is a fresh water fish. It is a popular aquarium fish. Native to the Himalayan areas. This fish is an important and widely used in the scientific research. This fish is found in the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar countries. The shape of the zebra fish is fusiform and laterally compressed with its mouth directed upwards. The male having gold strips between the blue stripes. While female having whitish belly and silver stripes on there body. The size of female is larger than the male. The fish can grow up to 6.5 cm. The life span of the zebra fish is two to three years. Some times the life span of the zebra fish get extended up to five to six years.

Scientific classificatione
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae
Subfamily: Danioninae
Genus: Danio
Species: D. rerio

zebra fish


Zebrafish is the omnivorous fish. They eating insects and there larvae, also they can eat variety of other foods like worms. Adult fish are often fed with brine shrimp.

Aquarium conditions

Zebrafish is hardy fish. It is good for any beginner aquarists. The popularity of zebra fish is more because of there playful nature and also because of fast breeding. This fish is available in market in cheap price. It can survive in any aquarium. It does not require heater. Requirement is fresh water and oxygen. They can live with other fish species in aquarium. They are friendly fish.

Importance of Zebrafish in scientific research

This is the common and scientific model which is used for studies of vertebrate development and gene function. This fish having lots of advantages for the scientists. The genome of this fish is fully sequenced and it is well understanding concept. The embryonic development of the zebra fish is very fast than other fishes. Zebra fish is not considered as a universally ideal research model because of they having lots of disadvantages in there species.

Importance of Zebrafish in genetic research

It having short life cycle. Due to their short life cycle and relatively large clutch sizes, the zebra fish are the useful model for genetic studies. Transgenesis is a popular approach to study the function of genes in zebra fish. A known problem with the gene knockdowns is because of the genome underwent a duplication after the divergence of ray finned fishes.

Importance of zebrafish in medical research

This fish is usually used to make several transgenic models of cancer. Historically tumors strongly resemble the human disease, they are fully transplantable and exhibit the large scale genomic alterations. The zebra fish is also used to make the model of blood clotting, blood vessel development, heart failure and kidney diseases. This fish has been extensively used as a model organism to study vertebrate innate immunity. As the immune system the conserved between zebra fish and humans, many humans infectious disease by zebra fish. Muscular dystrophies is cause by genetic disorders that cause muscle weakness, abnormality and muscle wasting. Zebra fish is widely used as a model organism to study muscular dystrophies.  This fish is very useful in the medical science researches. Because of lots of advantages this fish is used in the medical researches.

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